Small, Fast and Simple

Why are we here what is the purpose of another software company?  Jeeze isn't there enough software companies around???  Read our
purpose here and I think you'll understand why we are here and what we plan to do...
Our Offering so far...

  • uQManager is designed to make the life of programers that need a message queue much much simpler. - uQManager is a free offering from what we hope will be a long list of free offerings.
  • Give it a push...  PushItNow! is my first Facebook application.  Just push the button and over the next little while the person that pushes it the most gets a cool prize (no cheap prizes).  In the first month we will give away a 1GB Apple iPod Shuffle.  So what do you have to loose go push it.  BTW,  This was a jumping place to learn how Facebook worked and next I will produce a game called 'HackIt!'.  HackIt will allow you to become a Hacker, Corporation, or just an average Joe so that you can try hacking others and become the most famous hacker of all time!  We hope you will like it.

But we also need to make money as a company to survive and bring yo new FREE offerings, so we are also going to have some paid offering in the future. Watch for those as we truly believe we can make your computer easier more fun to use...

Paul Fortin is the founder of Coding Junky and is the main junky. Paul has over 25 years of experience with computers and software and has lead many teams to successful project completions.